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Product Name: FUB-AKB48
IUPAC Name: N-(adamantan-1-yl)-1-[(4-fluorophenyl)methyl]-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Other Names: FUB-APIMACA
Cas Number: 24622-60-4
Molecular Formula: C25H26FN3O
Molar Mass: 403.5 g/mol
Purity of the substance: ≥99.3%
Buy FUB-AKB48 for sale online - USA vendor
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In synthetic cannabinoids, FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 have emerged as notable compounds of interest. These substances have gained attention for their psychoactive effects but have also raised concerns due to their potential risks and legal status. This article delves into the scientific aspects of FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48, including their origins, effects, dosages, legal status, pharmacology, and chemistry.

How to get FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 were initially developed for research purposes, and their sale is primarily associated with illicit markets rather than legitimate sources. However, it's important to emphasize that the acquisition and use of these substances can be highly dangerous due to their unpredictable nature and potential adverse effects. The clandestine nature of their production also raises concerns about quality control and possible contamination.


FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 belong to the synthetic cannabinoid class, which encompasses a wide range of chemical compounds designed to mimic the effects of naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. These synthetic cannabinoids interact with the same brain receptors as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of cannabis. FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 are often referred to as research chemicals or designer drugs due to their synthetic nature and lack of approved medical use.

The History of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

The history of FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 dates back to the early 2010s when they first appeared on the synthetic drug market. Pharmaceutical researchers initially developed these compounds to study cannabinoid receptors and their role in various physiological processes. However, their potential for recreational use was quickly realized, leading to their dissemination within illicit drug markets. Their relatively recent emergence makes them a subject of ongoing scientific investigation.

Effects of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

The effects of FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 on the human body are poorly understood, and limited research has been conducted due to their illicit and relatively recent nature. However, anecdotal reports and user experiences suggest that these compounds can induce THC-like effects, including altered perception, relaxation, and sometimes hallucinations. It's important to note that synthetic cannabinoids can have unpredictable and potentially severe adverse effects, ranging from anxiety and paranoia to more serious health concerns such as heart palpitations and seizures.


-Altered perception of time and space

-Increased anxiety and paranoia


-Nausea and vomiting

-Rapid heart rate and high blood pressure

-Convulsions and convulsions

Dosage of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

Determining a safe and appropriate dosage for FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 is challenging due to the lack of standardized research and regulatory guidance. The potency of synthetic cannabinoids can vary widely, and even slight variations in dosage can lead to vastly different effects. Users attempting to self-administer these compounds are at significant risk of unintentional overdose or adverse reactions.

Legal Status of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

The legal status of FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 varies by country and jurisdiction. These compounds are classified as controlled substances in many places due to their potential for abuse and lack of recognized medical use. Individuals must know the legal implications of possessing, using, or distributing these substances in their regions.

Pharmacology of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

The pharmacological mechanisms of FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 involve their interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and other parts of the central nervous system. These compounds act as agonists at cannabinoid receptor sites, which can lead to a wide range of physiological and psychological effects. However, due to the complexity of cannabinoid receptor signalling pathways and the novelty of these compounds, further research is needed to elucidate their pharmacological actions fully.

Chemistry of FUB-APINACA or FUB-AKB48

FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 belong to a class of chemicals known as indazole-based synthetic cannabinoids. Structurally, they consist of a core indazole ring with various substituents that determine their potency, selectivity, and binding affinity to cannabinoid receptors. The chemical synthesis of these compounds often involves modifying existing cannabinoid structures to create novel analogues with varying effects. The diversity in chemical structures contributes to the challenge of regulating and controlling these substances.

Why is FUB-APINACA Dangerous?

FUB-APINACA is harmful since it has the potential to affect both physical and mental health. The unpredictability of its effects, strength and fast start might result in life-threatening scenarios. Several incidents of hospitalization and death have been related to the use of FUB-APINACA, and the medicine has been linked to many health concerns, including:

-Cardiac arrest

-Kidney damage

-Respiratory failure

-Psychotic episodes

-Suicidal thoughts and behavior


FUB-APINACA and FUB-AKB48 represent a subset of synthetic cannabinoids that have garnered attention for their psychoactive effects and potential risks. However, the limited scientific research and lack of regulatory oversight make them a concerning study area. The dynamic interplay between their chemical structures, pharmacological actions, and physiological effects highlights the need for continued research to understand the full scope of their impact on human health. As the scientific community strives to unravel the complexities of these compounds, it is crucial to raise awareness about their dangers and promote evidence-based approaches to drug education and harm reduction.

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