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Product Name: 3,4-DMMC
IUPAC Name: (±)-1-(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one
Other Names: 3,4-Dimethylmethcathinone
Cas Number: 1082110-00-6
Molecular Formula: C12H17NO
Molar Mass: 191.269 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
Buy 3,4-DMMC for sale online - USA vendor
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3,4-Dimethylmethcathinone (3,4-DMMC) is a stimulant substance in circulation as a mephedrone derivative. It was reported in 2010 and has been confiscated in Australia as a designer drug. Studies in vitro have demonstrated that 3,4-DMMC is a strong monoamine transporter substrate, blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine, serotonin, and to a lesser extent, dopamine.

3,4-Dimethylmethcathinone (3,4-DMMC) is a chemical compound

3,4-DMMC is a stimulant substance identified for the first time in 2010. It was developed in reaction to the widespread misuse of mephedrone and due to the international prohibition on mephedrone in several nations. The substance was confiscated in Australia as a designer drug.

How does 3,4-DMMC work?

Monoamine transporter substrate 3,4-DMMC reduces the reuptake of norepinephrine, serotonin, and, to a lesser degree, dopamine. According to in vitro research, it significantly inhibits the reuptake of these neurotransmitters, which accounts for its stimulating characteristics.

What impact does 3,4-DMMC have?

The effects of 3,4-DMMC are comparable to those of stimulants like mephedrone. It is said to improve alertness, exhilaration, and social interaction. Additionally, it can elevate heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration. The effects might persist for many hours, depending on the dose consumed.

What dangers are linked with the use of 3,4-DMMC?

As with any synthetic medicine, there is the possibility of undiscovered and potentially harmful adverse effects. There has been no long-term research on the effects of 3,4-DMMC, and the drug's long-term consequences are unknown. In addition to the risk of overdose, there is also the risk of addiction. It is vital to note that designer medications are not regulated and that their quality and purity might vary from batch to batch.

Questions asked frequently

Is 3,4-DMMC legal?

The legal status of 3,4-DMMC differs from nation to nation. In certain countries, it is unregulated and considered a legitimate substance, while in others, it is a restricted substance. Before using or possessing a controlled substance, it is essential to verify the local legislation.

How is 3,4-DMMC utilized?

3,4-DMMC is often ingested orally or inhaled. The effects might persist for many hours, and the needed dose varies from person to person.

What side effects does 3,4-DMMC have?

Like other stimulants, 3,4-DMMC might cause adverse effects such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration, alertness, and sociability. Additionally, there is a danger of addiction and overdose.

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