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Product Name: APPP
IUPAC Name: (RS)-1-Phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-propanone
Other Names: alpha pyrrolidinopropiophenone, α ppp, α-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone, α-PPP
Cas Number: 19134-50-0
Molecular Formula: C13H17NO
Molar Mass: 203.28 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
Buy A-PPP for sale online - USA vendor
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What is a-PPP

Alpha-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone, generally known as α-PPP or APPP, is a stimulant substance that has recently been the topic of medical research and controversy. Comparable to the appetite suppressant diethylpropion, the substance has stimulant qualities; however, its effects on the human body are not yet completely known. α-PPP is not an authorized medicine, and its usage can be risky, despite the interest in its potential effects. This page examines what is known about this medicine, its potential side effects, and the risks connected with its usage.

The Chemical Structure of α-PPP

α-PPP is a synthetic stimulant medication structurally similar to the prescription appetite suppressant diethylpropion. The study on this substance is minimal; hence the effects of α-PPP on the human body are not well understood despite its structural similarities. It is known that the substance has the chemical formula C12H17NO, and its effects are believed to result from its interaction with the brain's reward system.

Effects of α-PPP

α-PPP is a synthetic stimulant that has been demonstrated to cause stimulant effects in animals. These effects may include heightened energy, enhanced attention and concentration, and euphoria. However, it is crucial to highlight that the study on α-PPP's effects on people is limited, and further research is required to comprehend its possible impacts properly.

The Risks Associated with α-PPP

While α-PPP may have positive results for individuals, it is essential to note that it is not an authorized treatment, and its usage might be hazardous. The long-term consequences of α-PPP on the human body are currently unknown; potentially, the substance might create severe health problems. In addition, α-PPP is frequently offered as a designer drug, meaning it is produced in uncontrolled laboratories, and its purity and potency can vary substantially. This implies that people may be unknowingly ingesting a harmful and unpredictable drug.

While it has been demonstrated that α-PPP has stimulant effects in animals, its effects on the human body are not well known. Its usage is potentially hazardous, and its long-term consequences are unclear. If you are contemplating using this medication, you must understand the associated risks and consult a healthcare professional to establish if it is safe. The usage of α-PPP is not advised, and consumers should avoid using this medication.

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