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Product Name: 4-Chloro-alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone
IUPAC Name: 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-pentanone
Other Names: 4-Cl-PVP
Molecular Formula: C15H20ClNO
Molar Mass: 265.78 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals
Buy 4-CL-PVP for sale online - USA vendor
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What is 4-Cl-PVP?

4-Chloro-alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone, also known as 4-chloro-PVP, 4Cl-PVP, or 4C-PVP, is a developing designer drug used for recreational purposes that belongs to the pyrrolidinophenone chemical class. This designer drug is structurally similar to alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (α-PVP), and although its pharmacology and toxicity are unknown, it is thought to be a stimulant.

4-Chloro-PVP is a synthetic substance that mimics the effects of stimulant drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine. The substance is offered on the internet and in illegal street markets as a less expensive and more powerful alternative to these conventional stimulants.

The Emergence of 4-Chloro-α-PVP

4-Chloro-PVP arrived on the recreational drug market in the early 2010s and has become one of the most often utilized designer drugs. The drug's appeal is due to its low price, significant potency, and easy availability through internet markets and illicit street vendors.

The Effects of 4-Cl-PVP

The effects of 4-Chloro-PVP may be comparable to those of other stimulant stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine; however, the precise nature of the drug's effects is not fully understood. Reports of enhanced energy and alertness, heightened euphoria, and improved sociability has been reported. However, this medicine's long-term effects and possible hazards remain unknown due to a scarcity of studies.

The Risks of 4-Chloro-α-PVP

The possible hazards and consequences connected with 4-Chloro-PVP usage are not well recognized due to the lack of study on the substance. Some studies imply that the substance might cause significant health concerns, including cardiovascular issues, anxiety, and paranoia. Seizures, hallucinations, and even death have been related to medicine under challenging situations.

Is 4-Chloro-α-PVP Legal?

The legal status of 4-Chloro-PVP varies from nation to country; however, in many countries, it is unlawful to create, possess, or sell the drug since it is categorized as a restricted substance. In some countries, the substance is wholly outlawed; in others, it is deemed a "legal high" and may be sold in certain head shops and internet markets.

In recent years, 4-Chloro-PVP has become an emergent designer drug for recreational use. Although the substance is touted as a cheaper and more effective alternative to conventional stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine, its effects and possible hazards are little known. Individuals need to be aware of the risks of this medicine and seek medical attention if they suffer ill effects.

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