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Product Name: bk-MAPB
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, powder
Buy bk-MAPB for sale online - USA vendor
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BK-MAPB: An Overview

BK-MAPB, also known as benzyl-ketone-MAPB, is a hallucinogenic compound with a similar chemical structure to 5-MAPB. Although it has not been extensively investigated, it is considered to have comparable effects as 5-MAPB, and its unique features still need to be discovered. The production of BK-MAPB may include the reaction of benzyl cyanide with malononitrile or gamma-maldehyde.

The Synthesis of BK-MAPB

The synthesis of BK-MAPB can be accomplished using two distinct approaches. The reaction between benzyl cyanide and malononitrile constitutes the first technique. This process produces the intermediate benzyl cyanamide, which may subsequently be treated with gammamaldehyde to produce BK-MAPB. Benzyl cyanide and gamma-maldehyde react directly in the second technique. These procedures are reasonably straightforward, and the necessary chemicals are readily available from commercial sources.

The Properties of BK-MAPB

BK-MAPB has recently been introduced to the field of psychoactive drugs, yet little is known about its characteristics. However, due to its structural similarities, it is expected to have comparable effects to 5-MAPB. 5-MAPB has various effects, including pleasure, excitement, and visual hallucinations. As BK-MAPB has not been extensively investigated, it is impossible to predict its effects with certainty.

Physiology and Toxicology of BK-MAPB

BK-physiological MAPB's and toxicological effects could be more precise, and further study is required to comprehend this chemical properly. There is currently no data on the long-term effects of BK-MAPB, and the hazards connected with its usage are uncertain. As with any novel drug, BK-MAPB should be cautiously approached and avoided until further information is available.

Questions asked frequently

What exactly is BK-MAPB?

Recently introduced to the market is the psychoactive drug BK-MAPB. It is hypothesized to have comparable effects to 5-MAPB due to its structural similarity.

How is BK-MAPB manufactured?

BK-MAPB can be produced by synthesizing benzyl cyanide and malononitrile or via the direct reaction of benzyl cyanide and gammamaldehyde.

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100g $600

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1kg $1590

1kg $1590

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