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Product Name: 5F-AKB48
IUPAC Name: N-(Adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Other Names: 5F-AKB48, 5F-APINACA
Molecular Formula: None
Molar Mass: 237.26 g·mol−1
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
Buy 5F-AKB48 for sale online - USA vendor
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chemistry
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Subjective Effects
  5. Physical Effects
  6. Cognitive Effects
  7. Toxicity and Harm Potential
  8. Tolerance and Addiction Potential
  9. Dangerous Interactions
  10. Legal Status


5F-AKB48, also recognized as 5F-APINACA and AKB-48F, belongs to the synthetic cannabinoid family, specifically classified as an indazolecarboxamide. It exerts its effects as a potent agonist for both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, as documented in scientific literature.

Scientific Research and Origin

Investigations into the properties and effects of 5F-AKB48 have been extensively documented. Its initial identification traces back to South Korea, from where it has become available for purchase as a grey area research chemical through online vendors.

Effects and Consumption

Users report subjective effects somewhat akin to cannabis, characterized by a brief duration and an emphasis on intense physical sensations. Typically, cannabinoids are smoked or vaporized to achieve rapid onset and offset of effects. However, 5F-AKB48 exhibits oral activity when dissolved in lipids, extending its duration significantly. It shares similarities with other cannabinoids in terms of solubility, being insoluble in water but dissolvable in ethanol and lipids.

Health Considerations

Despite its parallels with cannabis, the chronic abuse of synthetic cannabinoids like 5F-AKB48 has been linked to severe injuries, fatalities, and heightened toxicity compared to natural cannabis. Thus, it is strongly advised against prolonged use or excessive doses of this substance, given its potential for dangerous side effects.


Structure of 5F-AKB48

5F-AKB48, chemically known as N-(adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide, falls under the category of synthetic indazolecarboxamides due to the presence of a substituted indazole group. At R1, the indazole moiety bears a fluoropentyl chain, a feature it shares with 5F-PB-22. Additionally, at R3, the indazole is substituted with a carboxamide group. The terminal amine group of this carboxamide is N-substituted with an adamantane group, characterized by four fused cyclohexane rings forming a structure known as a diamondoid. Notably, 5F-AKB48 is structurally analogous to STS-135, wherein the core indole structure is replaced with an indazole base.


While formal studies on 5F-AKB48's pharmacology are lacking, structural analysis suggests a binding profile akin to other cannabinoids and shares many in vivo properties with Δ9-THC. However, the precise role of these interactions in inducing the cannabinoid high remains elusive.

Subjective Effects

Disclaimer: The effects listed below are based on the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), a research literature derived from anecdotal user reports and analyses by PsychonautWiki contributors. Caution should be exercised in interpreting these effects.

It should be noted that the occurrence of these effects may not be predictable or reliable, with higher doses more likely to induce the full spectrum of effects. Moreover, higher doses increase the likelihood of adverse effects, including addiction, severe injury, or fatality.


  • Threshold: 0.5 mg
  • Light: 0.5 - 1 mg
  • Common: 1 - 2 mg
  • Strong: 2 - 4 mg
  • Heavy: 4 mg +

Physical Effects

Spontaneous Physical Sensations

The "body high" induced by 5F-AKB48 is characterized by a sharp, uncomfortable, all-encompassing, and electric tingling sensation that spreads over the body following ingestion. This sensation remains consistent, intensifying rapidly upon onset and reaching its peak before promptly dissipating.

Motor Control Loss

Consumption of this substance results in partial to moderate suppression of motor control, with the degree of impairment increasing in proportion to dosage. However, complete inability to walk or perform basic movements is rare.

Appetite Enhancement

Similar to many other cannabinoids, 5F-AKB48 triggers an increase in appetite, colloquially known as "the munchies" in American and British cultures. Clinical studies and survey data have shown that cannabis enhances food enjoyment and interest in food. This effect is attributed to the activation of cannabinoid receptors responsible for regulating food intake by endocannabinoids in the hypothalamus.

Pain Relief

Cannabinoids, including synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists like 5F-AKB48, have been clinically proven to alleviate pain through the activation of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

Perception of Bodily Lightness and Changes in Gravity

Users may experience a perception of bodily lightness and alterations in the perception of gravity.


Dehydration, commonly referred to as "cotton mouth," is a well-known side effect of consuming 5F-AKB48, prevalent in American and British cultures.


5F-AKB48 may induce vasodilation, widening blood vessels and potentially leading to changes in blood pressure.

Cognitive Effects

Anxiety and Paranoia

5F-AKB48 has a heightened propensity to induce feelings of anxiety compared to other cannabinoids. Consequently, individuals predisposed to anxiety should exercise caution when considering its consumption. Additionally, paranoia may also manifest as a cognitive effect.

Emotion Enhancement

Consumption of 5F-AKB48 can lead to enhanced emotional experiences.

Thought Connectivity and Deceleration

Users may experience an increased sense of thought connectivity, alongside a deceleration in the speed of thought processes.

Conceptual Thinking and Mindfulness

Conceptual thinking may be heightened, and users may find themselves more attuned to mindfulness.

Analysis Suppression and Dream Suppression

The substance may suppress analytical thinking processes, and in some cases, users may experience a suppression of dreams.


Long-term usage of synthetic cannabinoids like 5F-AKB48 may elevate the risk of psychosis, particularly among individuals with predisposing factors such as a history of schizophrenia in themselves or their family.

Increased Music Appreciation and Auditory Effects

Consumers may perceive heightened appreciation for music, alongside various auditory effects.


Overall, various cognitive enhancements may occur, although individual experiences may vary.

Toxicity and Harm Potential

Lack of Scientific Research

The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational 5F-AKB48 use have not been extensively studied in scientific contexts, and the precise toxic dosage remains unknown. Due to its limited history of human usage, scientific data on its effects are scarce. Anecdotal evidence from community members suggests that at low to moderate doses, the substance may not result in significant negative health effects. However, caution is advised, as overdosing can lead to physical discomfort, including heart palpitations, vertigo, and sedation.

Mental Health Risks

Individuals with severe pre-existing mental conditions are advised against ingesting substances like 5F-AKB48 due to their potential to exacerbate current states of mind and emotions. Prolonged usage, akin to THC, may increase susceptibility to mental illness and psychosis, particularly among individuals with pre-existing risk factors.

Harm Reduction and Proper Dosing

Given that synthetic cannabinoids are active in the milligram range, proper precautions must be taken to avoid adverse experiences. It is strongly recommended to practice harm reduction strategies when using this substance.

Tolerance and Addiction Potential

Chronic use of 5F-AKB48 can lead to moderate addiction and psychological dependence among certain users. Tolerance to its effects develops with prolonged and repeated use, necessitating larger doses to achieve the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings may occur upon cessation of usage.

Dangerous Interactions

Combining 5F-AKB48 with certain substances can lead to dangerous and potentially life-threatening interactions. Stimulants, psychedelics, and other psychoactive substances may amplify anxiety levels and increase the risk of negative experiences.

Legal Status

The legal status of 5F-AKB48 varies by country:

  • Brazil: Illegal
  • China: Controlled substance
  • Czech Republic: Banned
  • Germany: Controlled under Narcotics Act
  • Latvia: Schedule I drug
  • Switzerland: Controlled substance
  • United Kingdom: Class B controlled substance
  • United States: Schedule I substance
  • Italy: Schedule I controlled substance

It is essential to verify the legal status of 5F-AKB48 in one's jurisdiction before possession, production, or use.


Q: What is 5F-AKB48?

A: 5F-AKB48, also known as 5F-APINACA and AKB-48F, is a synthetic cannabinoid substance belonging to the indazolecarboxamide class.

Q: How does 5F-AKB48 affect the body?

A: 5F-AKB48 acts as a potent agonist for the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, resulting in a range of physical and cognitive effects.

Q: What are the potential risks associated with 5F-AKB48 use?

A: Risks include anxiety, paranoia, motor control loss, increased appetite, potential for psychosis, addiction, and harmful interactions with other substances.

Q: Is 5F-AKB48 legal?

A: The legal status of 5F-AKB48 varies by country. It is classified as a controlled substance in many jurisdictions.

Q: How can users reduce harm when using 5F-AKB48?

A: Harm reduction practices such as accurate dosing, avoiding frequent use, and being aware of potential interactions with other substances can help reduce risks associated with 5F-AKB48 use.

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