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Product Name: MPHP-2201
IUPAC Name: methyl (1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carbonyl)phenylalaninate
Other Names: MPHP-2201
Cas Number: none
Molecular Formula: C24H27FN2O3
Molar Mass: 400.16
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic, cannabinoid
Purity of the substance: 99.6%
Physical properties: powder
The best way to purchase MPHP-2201
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Mhp-2201 is a drug developed in the lab for psychopharmacological evaluations and studies on the mechanism of action of cannabinoids. This chemical is covered in some laws because it may be used for illicit purposes such as psychedelic drugs. That's why it is on the new drug control system International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) list. Mhp-2201 is an effective synthetic cannabinoid (CB), a central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor Ki value of 1.0 and a peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptor Ki value of 2.6 nM. The physiological effects of N2201 have not been determined!

Mhp-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid with the same effects and properties as marijuana.

Mhp-2201 is a new synthetic drug that is currently being tested.

The chemical formula for MPHP-2201 is C 24 H 27 F 2 O 3. The molecular weight is 410.4 g/mol. MPHP-2201 can be used as a psychoactive recreational drug or as a research chemical for pharmacological and physiological studies.

MHP-2201 is a 5F-variant (pyrrolidine ring) of THJ-2201, a full agonist at CB1 and CB2 receptors. It is 11-fold selective for the CB1 receptor over the CB2 receptor, with an EC50 of 0.09 nM at CB1 versus 2nM at CB2.

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MHP-2201 is a drug that acts as a potent and selective agonist for the cannabinoid receptor CB1. It has been suggested that MHP-2201 both inhibits the metabolism of anandamide and increases its production from arachidonic acid, which may result in improved analgesic effects compared to other cannabinoids like THC.

MHP-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been shown to produce strong analgesic effects. Because it does not cause the typical 'high' of other cannabinoids like THC, MHP-2201 may be better suited for medical use.

MHP-2201 is anandamide, a CB1 agonist. Its analgesic effects are increasing anandamide and inhibiting its metabolism.

MHP-2201 is a cannabinoid receptor agonist manufactured by Mediprotect Pharmaceuticals that has been shown to have a dose-dependent analgesic effect in animal models. However, human studies have yet to be conducted.

MHP-2201 is a drug already shown to have positive analgesic effects. Cannabinoids are widely known for their therapeutic benefits and the intoxicating effects caused by delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This new drug is much more potent than its predecessor, making it an optimal choice for patients looking for pain relief without impairment in cognitive processes.

MHP-2201 is an effective synthetic cannabinoid (CB), a central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor K I value of 1.0 and a peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptor Ki value of 2.6 nM. The physiological effects of N2201 have yet to be determined, but because it lacks selectivity and potency, it is unlikely to have any useful pharmacologic effects.

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