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The best way to purchase MEO-PV9

Product Name: MEO-PV9
Other Names: MEOPV9
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic, hallucinogen
Purity of the substance: maximum purity 99.9%
The best way to purchase MEO-PV9
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4-meo-pv9 is a white crystalline powder with a purity of 98%. This compound, which has an exact mass of 303.22 and a molecular weight of 303.44, is related to similar compounds structurally and can be purchased on our website.

This product does not contain any codes indicating that the manufacturer has researched it to create evidence for its safety and use.

MEO-PV9 is known to be a strong designer drug. The DEA describes it as a stimulant of the phenethylamine and pyrrolidinone classes that acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist, displaying dissociative, stimulant, and psychedelic effects. It is chemically similar to 4-MeO-PCP and has comparable side effects.

MEO-PV9 is a psychoactive drug that induces various psychological effects. MEO-PV9 contains chemical and physical properties similar to PCP, Ketamine and Amphetamine.

MEO-PV9 is one of the most commonly used designer drugs in Europe. It is a psychoactive substance that acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist.

MEMO-PV9, also known as 4-MeO-PCP, is a designer drug specifically developed for chemical warfare. Like most other dissociative drugs, MEMO-PV9 was designed to reproduce the effects of military incapacitates like human psychostimulants or narcotics; the side effects were ignored during the research, and the experiments on animals resulted in the death of most subjects.

Looking for online research chemicals MEO-PV9 vendor USA

MEO-PV9 is a controversial drug commonly referred to as 'Dr. Death.'

Our vendor carries the finest research chemicals and pharmaceuticals available on the market. 4-meo-pv9 is a compound that is used in research. It has been shown to provide remarkable benefits when patients use it as directed.

4-meo-pv9 is a chemical that can be used in scientific research, such as looking at the effects of 4-meo-pv9 on neural pathways, learning and memory.

This compound can be taken sublingually, orally or injected and is recommended to be used in an intimate setting. Studies have shown that 4-meo-pv9 creates a euphoric state of mind and enhances socialization. It has also been found to enhance perception and increase focus, making it an ideal study enhancer.

This compound is an amazing, highly social substance to use in a comfortable setting. Studies have shown that 4-MeO-PV9 works well to alter perception and heighten focus during studying.

4-meo- pv9 is a substituted phenethylamine that can be ingested and has been shown to produce significant auditory and visual hallucinations.

With a reported duration of approximately 6 to 8 hours and the potential to remain active in the inner cortex for longer, 4-MeO-PV9 is a potent, psychedelic tryptamine. As such, it should be treated with care and respect.

Common uses of 4-meo-pv9 include the treatment of migraines or cluster headaches and the prevention of cluster headaches

4-meo-pv9 is an empathogen, a synthetic substance that acts similarly to MDMA and produces many of the same effects. The 4-meo-pv9 powder can be ingested by mixing with water or alcohol, snorted through the nose, or vaporized (inhaled).4-meo-pv9 comes in a capsule or tablet form or as a loose powder.

4-meo-pv9 is a stimulant drug of the phenethylamine family. It is an analog of 4-HO-PV8, with a chemical substitution on the pyrrolidine ring with an ethoxy group. The psychedelic chemist and chemist Alexander Shulgin discovered the chemical compound in the late 1970s and published it in his 1991 book PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story.

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