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Product Name: BMDP
IUPAC Name: 1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-[(phenylmethyl)amino]-1-propanone, monohydrochloride
Other Names: BMDP
Cas Number: 1823274-68-5
Molecular Formula: C17H17NO3 • HCl
Molar Mass: 319.8 g/mol
Effect: Stimulant
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: crystals and powder
The best way to purchase BMDP
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In recent years, Benzylone, also known as 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-benzyl cathinone or BMDP, has grown in popularity as a designer drug used for recreational purposes. This drug is a member of the substituted cathinone family, a group of chemicals chemically comparable to cathinone, the stimulant found in the khat plant. Benzylone is notorious for its stimulant properties and has been detected frequently in samples of illicit drugs.

Despite its growing popularity, benzylone is still a relatively obscure chemical, and its positive and negative effects still need to be understood. In this essay, we intend to offer an exhaustive overview of benzylone and its effects on the human body.

What is Benzylone?

Benzylone is a synthetic stimulant with a chemical structure similar to cathinone, the main element in khat. This substance is a member of the substituted cathinone family, which includes prominent designer drugs like methylone and mephedrone.

Benzylone was initially created in the laboratory and sold as a recreational designer drug. Despite its ubiquitous availability, benzylone is still a relatively obscure chemical, and its effects on the human body are little understood.

How is Benzylone Used?

Benzylone is commonly ingested, sniffed, or smoked. It is frequently offered as a white or off-white powder and is frequently blended with other chemicals to improve its strength.

Benzylone has comparable effects to other stimulants, including increased energy, heightened alertness, and feelings of pleasure. However, benzylone's efficacy is relatively modest compared to other stimulants, and it is frequently discovered in combination with other similar substances.

The Risks of Using Benzylone

The long-term impacts and hazards of benzylone are little recognized, despite its short-term effects. More research needs to be done on the safety and toxicity of benzylone, and the results could be more evident.

Increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and agitation is some unfavourable side effects of benzylone. In rare instances, benzylone can cause significant health concerns, including heart attack, stroke, and convulsions.

Furthermore, Benzylone is a highly addictive chemical, and even a few uses can lead to dependency. This can cause severe withdrawal symptoms and raise the danger of overdose.

Notably, benzylone is a controlled drug in many nations, and its possession, sale, and distribution are prohibited.

Benzylone is a synthetic stimulant drug member of the substituted cathinone family. Its effects on the human body are not fully known, and the hazards linked with its usage are severe, despite its growing popularity.

The long-term consequences and toxicity of the highly addictive chemical benzylone remain unknown. It is essential to avoid benzylone and get assistance if you have a drug dependency issue.

Please see a medical expert if you have any issues regarding benzylone or substance misuse.

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